"500 in 5" Selection Process


The 500 in 5 Years: Mobilizing Compassionate, Ethical, Effective Vietnamese Leaders of the Future will be highly selective in identifying participants. The appropriate participants must have at the very least three qualities: character, commitment, and integrity. For example, people with character and integrity but cannot commit time to complete the rigorous training program should not be selected; or people who want to participate in the training but make no commitment to serve later are not appropriate for the training.

The program will take a year, long enough for outcomes to be achieved, captured, and re-invested so that participants have the opportunity to move the project through a few strategic steps. Short of that, the participants can't learn to think and act strategically. The year-long curriculum will include:


  1. Opening seminar: Participants familiarize themselves with concepts of leadership and the design and purposes of the training program;
  2. Monthly training sessions:  Participants receive trainings on the foundational leadership competencies such as problem solving, decision making, managing and growing the five types of capital (financial, human, organizational, intellectual and social), advocacy and negotiation, etc. Each session will be conducted by one or more presenters. Prior to each session, the participants will have reading assignments. Monthly training will run for the full 12 months.
  3. Year-long projects: Participants will put into practice what they have learned and hone their competencies and skills through real projects. They will be grouped into project teams.
  4. Assigned coaches:  Each project team will be assigned a coach. The team will have monthly meetings with the coach to seek guidance. Note that the coach is not the one to dole out answers. Each team is expected to think through the challenges they face during project implementation and come up with tentative solutions to present to their coach for inputs. Coaching will last for 6 months.
  5. Mid-year seminar: Participants share experiences and pick up additional leadership concepts and principles.
  6. Continuation of project implementation:  After the mid-year seminar, participants continue working and meeting on a monthly basis, but without coaches. At this point project teams should be able to function on their own and also support other project teams. However, if this is not the case, the coaching period will be extended.




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